The Most Popular Swimwear Brands: Twiggy, Micro Bikini, Hand Model

A new report by BrandIQ has revealed the top swimwear brands across the world, with Twigly, Micro and Hand models making the cut.

Twiggy topped the list with an estimated 15.9 million subscribers, followed by Micro with 9.9 and Hand with 8.9million.

Micro’s share was up 4.3 per cent, while Hand gained 5.2 per cent.

While Twig is widely recognised as one of the hottest brands on the market, the company has also gained traction in recent years with its innovative new line of microbikini swimwear.

The new micro bikini model has a size small, which has made the company a hit with the young and trendy market.

Twig’s new models also include a range of smaller micro bikini models and smaller hand models.

Twig was named the number one brand by the Fashion Industry Association in 2019.

Twigs top five most popular brands across all five major categories are:Micro (11.5million),Micro Swimwear (7.6million),Hand (7 million),MicroBikini (6.5 million) and Micro Bachelorette (6 million).