4-Year-Old Gets Into Hot Bikini Model’s Hot Bathtub

4-year-old Kendall was just enjoying a hot tub at a local park when a group of kids began to watch him.

Kendall said he had a hard time keeping his eyes open and started laughing, but his mom noticed.

“He looked at my mom and said, ‘Mom, I don’t have time for this!'”

Kendall said.

She told the kids to shut up and went outside to find her son.

The kids had left, but Kendall had a special moment.

“When I walked in the room, he was just like, ‘Mum, you can see my face!'”

Kendall recalled.

Kendall’s mom came outside and saw her son in the bathtub, and she told the group to leave.

“My mom was just crying,” Kendall said, “but she was like, why are you crying?”

Kendall’s mother said she had to help the children leave the bathroom.

Kendall was upset and said that if they had left the hot tub, he would have been hurt.

Kendall had been watching a video on his phone of an adult friend.

The video was a naked woman in a hot bathtub in her car.

“It just kind of shocked me,” Kendall explained.

“I was like a little kid, so I was like ‘Why did you do that?’

But he was like,’ Well, he’s like, I saw her and she’s a model, so you know, it’s a really good thing.”

Kendall’s father, David, has a medical degree from the University of Michigan and lives in the city of Flint.

David Kendall said Kendall’s actions were an isolated incident and that he doesn’t believe his son was targeting anyone, but he did feel bad for Kendall’s family.

“If I had seen this happen, I would have immediately gone to the police and called the police,” Kendall told ABC News.

Kendall is now planning on attending the next day’s school.

“Hopefully, this will teach him a lesson and get him into school,” Kendall’s dad said.

Kendall, who was raised in a foster home, said he is grateful to the people of Flint for making him a part of the local community.

“They made me a part, and they really made me who I am,” Kendall shared.

“That’s why I’m here and that’s why he’s here, because they were there for me.”