How to use Instagram for more than your Facebook friends

You have a ton of friends on Instagram.

They can all be awesome.

You don’t even have to like them.

So how do you find the perfect one to tag your bikini model with?

Follow the guidelines here.

If you’re new to Instagram, start by following these rules.


Tag your models using a hashtag.

This is the most important part of your Instagram campaign.

Follow these rules: 1) Follow the hashtag to the left of the photo.

This is the Instagram account name you want your models to tag with.

For example, if you want to tag a photo with a #toyota model, just type Toyota in the search box at the top of your feed.

2) When you’re done, tag with a hashtag that is a few letters long.

3) Tag the models with the hashtag you chose, then use a hashtag filter to narrow your results to only models with that hashtag.

(To narrow your search, click on the arrow next to the name of the model you want tagged with the #toysota hashtag.)

4) Once you’ve narrowed down your results, choose the one that matches your model and tag the image with it.

(Remember, hashtags are for finding photos of models.

To find photos of people, use the filters below.)

5) When your results look the way you want them, tag your model with the same hashtag.

You’re done!

Now you can tag your models with #toboganshot bikini model #tomboyatthew and #tourbok bikini model#tomboyshot.

6) Tag your model on Instagram with hashtags that are not related to their models, such as #toddlerbikini, #tortoisebikini or #hotbikini.

7) Follow these guidelines to get your hashtags on Instagram correctly, but don’t forget to keep your hashtagged photos and your tagged photos in sync.

Follow these guidelines if you’re interested in more than just your Facebook and Instagram friends.

Photo Credit: @hockeytiger24 and @taytosdylan