Tesla Model S Sedan Gets a New Look in 2017

Tesla has unveiled a new model in 2017, the Model S sedan.

The company announced that the 2017 model would have a 5.6-liter V8, a “sporting sedan” that was made for “high performance and spirited driving.”

Tesla is calling the new Model S a “Sport Sedan,” which it describes as “a sporty and spirited driver.”

The new model also has a new styling, new features, and a larger cabin.

This new Model, Tesla claims, “is built for the road with a 5-liter engine, and it delivers all the performance and fun you can expect from a premium sedan.”

The company also promises that the new model will be a “supercar,” “an electric supercar” and “an all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle.”

However, the company does not specify what kind of electric or all-weather driving capabilities it has.

The Model S was already a popular sedan in its day.

The sedan was sold in over 150 countries, including Europe, Japan, China, and North America.

The new Model is the second new Model in 2017 and is Tesla’s biggest car yet.

The first Model S, which debuted in 2009, sold 1.2 million units in the United States.

In 2016, the car sold a total of 9.2,959,742 units in all.

Tesla is not the only company that is investing heavily in EVs.

General Motors announced in May that it would invest $100 million into the Tesla Motors Gigafactory, a factory that will build EVs for the company’s electric car fleet.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.