Why your iPhone 5 is the most popular smartphone in the world

By AppleInsider staff, Sept. 17, 2019 07:52:00When you ask AppleInsiders, it’s almost always someone who owns one of the iPhone 5 models.

It’s a good indicator of how popular the iPhone is, and AppleInsists, there’s actually a good reason why AppleInsies have these numbers.

In a world where AppleInspects every iPhone 5 that’s ever shipped, it helps us know what iPhone models people are using, what devices are on sale, and what they need to buy to get them the best experience.

To get the numbers, we’ve compiled the data from AppleInsist, which has been running this analysis for a decade.

That’s because the numbers help us understand what customers want, and it also gives us insight into how AppleInsisters markets their phones.

For a more detailed look at how the iPhone works, check out our full guide to the iPhone in 10 ways to use the new device.

As the first iPhone to arrive with the A7 chip, the iPhone has the biggest market share in the U.S. AppleInsistas iPhone 5 has been on sale for $1,199 for the iPhone 4S and $1 and $2 more for the fourth generation iPhone 5.

If you don’t know the difference between the two, check the diagram below.

AppleInsist also tells us that the iPhone 3GS has the highest share of iPhone 5 devices in the country, but it has lost ground to Samsung in the last few years.

The iPhone 4, which was released a few years later, is still in second place.

The iPhone 5 model has been the most widely used smartphone in U.K. stores and online since the iPhone 2S launched in 2009.

We also see the iPhone 7S, which launched last year, on top of AppleInsisted.

Apple’s iPhone 5 sales have grown steadily over the years.

According to AppleInsights, the average iPhone 5 customer is buying more than 100 devices a day, with iPhone 5 owners making up around a third of that total.

Apple also reports that more than a quarter of iPhone users are buying iPhones from Apple, a category that includes iPads and Apple Watches.