Why do women buy designer clothing at Kia?

Kia, which is owned by Hyundai Motor, is not alone in trying to make itself the fashion capital of the world.

In fact, it has become a big target for brands like Nike, H&M and Gap.

But a recent survey by a leading fashion consultancy, Comscore, found that in the first nine months of 2016, Kia ranked fourth behind only Paris, Milan and Milanese.

The firm is aiming to compete with other fashion giants like Dior, Calvin Klein, Calvin Thomas and Gucci.

The survey also found that Kia is the only brand that has been able to increase sales by 20 per cent on the first three months of the year.

The survey said that Kias sales were higher than those of other brands in France and Germany, but not in the US or UK.

In China, the company is trying to gain popularity with Chinese women who buy clothing from other brands that are less fashionable.

“Kia is still the only big brand in China where women are buying designer clothing,” said Michael Schmid, ComScore’s global head of fashion.

“The problem is that Kiosks are getting more expensive.

That’s why women are still buying Kioskas.”

Kia’s latest attempt to attract women to the brand is a new campaign which it is running in France called My Kia.

It will show women what Kia looks like in real life.

It’s being run by the fashion brand’s parent company, Kiasa, in collaboration with the French company Carrefour.

Kiasa says that its campaign has been developed to encourage women to take a look at Kiosk brands.

“We want to promote Kia to the women of France, and we’re working very hard with Kias for that,” said Jean-Michel Luthe, head of marketing at Kias.

When asked about Kias success in the U.S., Luthem said that it was thanks to the popularity of Kioska and Kia and how it is seen as a fashion alternative.

This is a fashion-driven business.”