What if the hottest brands of fashion were all vegan?

The idea of a vegan fashion label hasn’t been around for quite a while.

But as a trend that’s gaining steam, the concept has gained a new life, and now it’s happening in a very big way.

We caught up with fashion model and fashion designer Sarah McBride to find out what the vegan label would look like, and why people are jumping on board.

McBride has been designing fashion since she was seven years old, and it’s never looked better.

She’s worked as a model for major brands including Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, and Calvin Klein London, and she even worked as the designer for Calvin Klein’s first ever summer line.

The brand’s new vegan line is aimed at women of all ages, and McBride says it’s aimed at helping fashion consumers learn about how fashion can be made more sustainable.”[It’s] a way for us to show them that fashion can really be beautiful and really be for the greater good of the planet,” she says.

“It’s a way to show people that fashion is really for all genders and all ages.

It’s about empowering them to be bold in the way they dress.”

Vegan clothing has always been about creating a more positive lifestyle for women, but with more brands starting to take notice, it’s not just about vegan fashion anymore.

“I think there’s been an explosion of the vegan fashion scene and the fashion industry is so much bigger now than it’s ever been,” says McBride.

“So when you look at brands like Calvin Klein and Calvin [Klein London] or the Vans and Lululemon, I think that it really speaks to people’s interest in being more sustainable, and that’s something that I think a lot of people have been wanting to see more of.”

McBride says the main thing she wants to show the fashion community is how vegan clothing can be worn.

“We want to show that vegan clothing is not just for women who are looking to look glamorous or fashionable, but that it’s for everyone,” she explains.

“If you’re a person who is vegan, or you’re an advocate for veganism, I want to be able to show you that it can really look good.”

In order to make this happen, McBride has teamed up with one of fashion’s biggest influencers, fashion designer Lisa Whelan.

The pair started by talking about how vegan fashion has always felt more important to them, and how it has been difficult to make a lasting impact in the industry.

“For us, it was always about trying to make clothes that were good for the planet, but at the same time being good for women,” Whelaan explains.

Whelan says the most important thing for the vegan brand is for people to have a sense of authenticity when it comes to fashion, and in doing so, make it more fun for them to wear vegan clothes.

“It’s important to show [people] that you can wear clothes that are not only healthy, but beautiful and fun,” she said.

“That’s the biggest thing.

You want to have fun and make the best clothes you can.”

McGuire says she’s happy to have the platform to make the brand a reality.

“The idea of going vegan is definitely something that is definitely a step up from other brands that just do vegan clothing, but I’m really excited about being able to bring something that can be really positive to people who are vegan,” she added.

“As an entrepreneur, I always wanted to try something new.

I think we’re really going to take it to the next level.”

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