How to Get Naked in Cars and Porsches

The new generation of the Porsche 919 is already getting a lot of attention, with the introduction of a few new models this month.

While there have been plenty of Porsche 911 models to cover, this new Porsche 917, a 919 Turbo, and a 991 are some of the first new 919s to be released since the Porsche GT3.

The Porsche 918 was the first 919 to have a carbon fiber front fascia, while the Porsche 911 Turbo received a carbon-fiber roof.

It was also the first to have carbon fiber trim on the doors and roof, as well as the first Porsche to get a front spoiler.

Porsche has also released a number of new color schemes for the new models.

The new 917 will be available with the standard aluminum body color, while a limited edition 919 with the carbon fiber body color will be priced at $125,000, while another limited edition model with carbon fiber will go for $125.

There’s also a carbon fibre version of the 919 and a Carbon Fiber Turbo that is going to be offered in limited quantities.

The 917 Turbo will come in black, blue, white, and grey with the colors accentuated in the hood and side trim.

The carbon fiber version of this 917 is going for $115,000.

The other limited edition Porsche 911 GT3 is going towards $120,000 while the carbon-finish Turbo is going at $100,000 with carbon trim.

Porsche is also offering the 918 Carbon Fiber, a carbon facelift of the 911 Turbo.

The 911 Turbo Carbon Fiber model is going from $145,000 to $150,000 and the Carbon Fiber 918 is going up from $125 to $130,000 for a limited time.

Porsche also revealed a few more models for the 2018 model year, including the Porsche Carrera, which is going into limited production.

The Carrera is going down from $140,000 this year to $135,000 in 2019, and will have a $5,000 option for a carbon color.

The price for the Carbon Fuels, which are available with carbon-based paint and also have the option of carbon trim, are going to go up from the current $130 to $140.

The Carbon Fuel Carbon Fiber will go from $195,000 up to $220,000 at the end of the year.

Porsche will also be offering the Porsche Sport GT3, which will be in limited production in 2019.

The Sport GT is going out of production this year, and it’s expected to have an MSRP of $140 million.

Porsche says that the Sport GT will be limited to just 150,000 units and the base model will be $130K.

Porsche Sport will be offered at a higher MSRP than the 917 Carbon Fiber and Carbon Fuers.