Which Volkswagen model is the most dangerous to own?

VW’s new i3, now with automatic headlights, is now the most unsafe model to own in India, according to a new report.

The auto giant is facing a growing backlash for introducing the i3 into India in the second half of this year, which is when it has been fitted with the new, fully-automatic headlights.

The move has been criticised by rights groups and some politicians, with the government threatening to take legal action against the automaker.

“There are people who say the i-platform is bad for India, but it is really bad for people who are already addicted to driving,” Mr Sainath, who runs a self-employed consultancy, said.

“It is a completely unnecessary move for the government to take action against VW.”

Mr Sainathan said he believes VW is trying to make its i3 a global phenomenon, but he fears the automaking industry is not up to the task.

“We have been making this a brand for 20 years, but we have not done enough,” he said.

The auto maker is expected to issue a statement later today, and will not comment further until the matter is settled.