Kia’s next SUV, the M-Class, gets the same price as the Mazda MX-5 – but with more luxury –

Kia will unveil the next Kia model in 2019 with the same lineup of four vehicles – the M Coupe, M Couple, M 3.5-door, and M 3-door crossover – but it’s expected to offer a cheaper price tag.

Kia has not yet announced the model range, but it is expected to start at about $30,000.

Kia will offer a range of different models in the 2019 lineup, including the M 3 – the crossover SUV, which will have a base price of $37,995 – the Kia Optima, the sporty sedan that Kia plans to sell at $45,995 and $53,995, respectively.

As for the MX-6, Kia is expected by its first-quarter earnings report in September to show sales of 3,921 units, which is up from the previous year’s 2,931 units.