How a beer can be the best of both worlds

The most popular beer of the moment may be a hybrid of both, with a modelo beer from the future making it onto the shelves of the US.

As we reported earlier, the new version of Quantum Mechanical Modelo is due out in late January, and is the beer that is expected to hit shelves around the world.

The beer is a collaboration between the beer company and the brewery of legendary German beer brewery Die Welt, with the idea being that the beer’s unique flavor combination could appeal to both beer lovers and beer geeks.

“Quantum Mechanical Modelos is a beer that has the potential to bring together the best elements of both styles into one unique beer that can make the beer lover a true quantum fan,” the company said in a press release.

It was also said that the Quantum Mechanical modelo is the perfect pairing for those who want to experience the beer in a more traditional sense.

Quantum mechanical beer is created by combining elements of three different types of beer, including the traditional German style of Schlitzbier, a German style beer made from grains and malt, and the American style of pale ales, or light lagers.

While the beer itself isn’t as tasty as the traditional modelos, it’s certainly a refreshing beer to take on a hot day or an after-work kick.

This article originally appeared on Mashable.