‘We’re all kia and we all have kia phones’: Kia reveals new model for 2017

Kia Motors’ new ‘Kia Bolt’ smartphone is expected to go on sale next month.

The new model will be available in three colours: black, gold and silver.

It is expected that the first models will be launched in the UK in late March.

The company said the Bolt will offer a “smooth, reliable ride” in a range of markets.

It also promised the first model to feature a range-topping 2,000mAh battery pack, which could be upgraded for a longer battery life.

In a statement, Kia said it would not comment on “rumour and speculation”.

Kia was founded in 2006 in the southern city of Minsk and its first car was a black Kia, launched in 2015.

At the time, the company was making its way into the luxury car market with the new Kia Soul.

Kia has since launched four cars, all of which were introduced in China, and has more than 1,000 dealers in the country.

Its sales growth has been so fast that the company has been named the most valuable company in China by Forbes magazine.

“It is our mission to continue to offer high quality products and services to our customers in a competitive environment, with a high level of service, customer loyalty and innovation,” said Kia CEO Alexander Kaltenborn.

“In addition, we are committed to creating the world’s most popular brand in the world with the Kia brand, which is already established in more than 100 countries worldwide.”

The company has recently announced that it will launch a new generation of its luxury vehicles, the Kiosks, in 2020.