The 10 Worst Sloppy Pizza Houses in America

If you’re looking for a fast food joint that doesn’t serve beer, you’re in luck.

That’s right, the list of the ten worst places to eat in America includes not only pizza, but also the infamous hamburger.

And as it turns out, it’s a close race between two chains.

The first is Pizza Hut.

While we’re sure that the average person won’t mind eating out every once in a while, if you’re planning on taking the trip down to the local McDonalds, Pizza Hut will probably win out.

But we digress.

The other chain, Burger King, is the only place on the list that doesn.

While they’re probably the most popular restaurant chain in the United States, they also have some of the worst food, according to the study.

In fact, Burger Kings overall rating is just below that of the most famous pizza chains.

Here are the 10 worst places in America to eat: 10.

Pizza Hut 11.

Burger King 12.

Dunkin Donuts 13.

McDonald’s 14.

Burger Kings 15.

Burger & Bacon 17.

Carl’s Jr. 18.

Taco Bell 19.

Sonic 20.

Chipotle The 10 worst pizza chains in America The Pizza Hut chain has had some major changes over the years.

However, the chain hasn’t made a big splash in the U.S. as of late.

Pizza delivery services have been around for quite a while now, but Pizza Hut has been the undisputed leader in this department.

According to a study by Eater, Pizza has the highest delivery volume in the country.

Pizza delivers roughly 2.4 million pizza orders a day to more than 40 million households.

This number is up from 1.5 million orders in 2012.

While that’s an improvement, Pizza Huts delivery volume is still lower than the rest of the industry.

In the last decade, delivery volume has been dropping at a steady pace.

This is partly due to technology that has allowed customers to order online and then receive their pizza from their local Pizza Hut location.

But more than a decade ago, PizzaHut was known for its high price tag.

That cost to the company, in addition to its poor quality and customer service, led to Pizza Hut having to shutter its stores and shutter restaurants.

In 2009, the company’s CEO and founder, Don Simpson, announced plans to move the company to an online ordering system.

While the online ordering method was initially touted as a way to make pizza deliveries faster and more efficient, Simpson’s plan was to shut down Pizza Hut and sell off the company.

The plan was scrapped by the Obama administration.

However that hasn’t stopped Simpson from trying to sell Pizza Hut on another level, and he’s tried to sell it off to a new buyer.

That new buyer hasn’t yet come forward, but according to reports, the deal is still under negotiation.


Burger GrubHub 10.

TacoBell 10.

Sonic The Taco Bell chain has been a hotbed of controversy in recent years.

Taco owners have been fighting against the fast food giant for years, with many claiming that they’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to Taco Bell’s fast food pricing.

This past year, Taco Bell has been accused of ripping off customers with its fast food prices, which are higher than comparable restaurants in the states.

It’s not the only restaurant chain to be accused of ripoff pricing.

A lawsuit filed in 2010 against Burger King was settled out of court in 2015.

Taco’s fast service prices have come under fire for years as well.

Taco has been found to have artificially inflated its prices, with customers receiving a higher portion of the bill when ordering a taco.

As a result, Taco has reportedly made a few concessions to keep the prices low.

For example, Taco’s restaurants have been known to increase the portion of their burgers and fries to reflect the cost of the meat.

However they haven’t been the only chain to do this.

According a 2016 study from The Associated Press, Burger &amps; Bacon has been sued for stealing customers’ orders from Taco Bell.

Burger was found to be stealing customers orders by selling “extra-large” burger items, which included fries, hot dogs and chicken.

The study said that the illegal actions resulted in a loss of $4.4 billion in profits.

Taco is currently embroiled in a number of lawsuits, including one against a Taco Bell employee, who alleges that Taco Bell is illegally stealing customers order from Burger’s restaurants.

The lawsuit against Taco Bell was settled in 2014, and the company agreed to pay $3 million in compensation.


Chip n’ Dip 9.

Burger Palace 9.

Carl &amp, Jr. Burger and Carl’s restaurants are often seen as the most well-known chain in American fast food, but they’re not necessarily the best restaurants.

BurgerKing and Carls Jr. are both popular restaurants, but Burger King is known for being the biggest in the world.

Carl is one of the oldest fast food chains in the US, and it’s