What does a camera bezel mean?

Google News article This is a new kind of camera that will be found on some cars.

It is an ’emitter’ which emits a light when a button is pressed.

If you press a button, the light will flash and then go out.

You can see the light at the bottom of the photo above.

A Google spokesperson told TechRadar: The emitter emits a blue light when pressed.

It does this by reflecting off a small amount of the button, which gives the user a visual indication of where the button is.

Google says this is the first example of a ‘smart phone’ emitter.

The new ’emit’ button is actually a camera button that can be hidden away from the screen and used to change the picture.

It works by sending a signal from the camera to a sensor on the rear of the phone.

It then turns on the device and records the signal.

Here’s how it works: the sensor sends out a signal to the camera via Bluetooth, which the phone picks up and uses to take a picture.

Google says the sensor will detect when a camera is being used to take pictures and then switch to using the camera as an ‘in-car’ camera.

Then it sends a signal back to the phone via Bluetooth to enable a camera function.

Google explains: The phone can then record the signal, turn the phone on and record a video, record a sound, record audio, or record video.

So, a phone with this camera emitter would capture all the video and audio on the screen at once and then turn it off and record nothing.

In addition to being able to take photographs and video, the new camera emitters can also record audio to a CD, record photos, record pictures, record videos, or even turn on the camera.

The emitter is part of Google’s Pixel XL camera, and it will be a major new feature in Google’s upcoming Pixel line of phones.

The company is also working on its new Pixel 2 camera.