How the ‘trendy’ Modelo Negra dress went from ‘fashion-forward’ to ‘fashion nasties’

Modelo, a clothing brand founded by famed model Tina Louise, is being sued by its owner, the billionaire Carlos Slim.

Slim’s lawsuit alleges that Modelo’s “unfair” practices include the fact that the company “has not adequately addressed the sexual harassment and violence” that has been documented by multiple women.

The suit also alleges that the dress, which was worn by Slim and model Nicole Richie during the Super Bowl, was sold to women at a “very affordable price” for less than $150.

The lawsuit comes after the Los Angeles Times published a scathing article detailing the experiences of three women who allege Slim pressured them into sex or otherwise assaulted them.

The Times said the women have filed a civil rights lawsuit against Slim.

“It is clear that the fashion industry is not listening to the women who are being victimized,” said Kate Tumminello, the founder of the Women’s Leadership Council, which helped lead the Women, Action and the Media coalition that helped to defeat Proposition 8 in California.

“The only thing we can do as a community is to demand change.”